Criminal Justice Family & Friends

Chief Mike Kisner, Retired
Chief Rick Gutierrez, Retired
        Chief Rick Sanchez, Retired         Chief Joel Hastings
Chief Phil Schenck

Robert Couette, Retired
Tony Valencia, Retired
Jacob Olivas
Dave Arens, Retired
Steve Gay
Allen Montgomery
Roland Lewis
Nick Grosz
Andrew Giles
Alan Williams, Retired
Brent Hoptowit
Nona Cook
Steve Keller
                       Steven Perez                         Traci DeOchoa

“I have known Dave for 25 years, 10 of those years working with him as a Police Officer for the Zillah Police Department. I respect Dave’s opinion, his values as a person and a Law Enforcement professional. I support Dave in his campaign for Yakima County Sheriff.”

Alan Williams                                                 Retired Police Officer

              James C. Carmody                Cory Worrell
Eric Delp
Erica Vela
David Leary

Larry Worden, Retired


“I have known Dave for more than 20 years.  I have worked with Dave and had him appear as a guest lecturer in my classes.  I support him as the next Sheriff of Yakima County and believe that he will make a great Sheriff”

Rodrigo Murataya, PhD, MPA, McNair Scholar  Professor, CWU, Dept. of Law and Justice

Professor Saul Chacon, MA
CWU Department of Law and Justice

Gary Clark
Former Mayor City of Zillah
Tony Guzman
Wapato City Councilmember
Steven Diaz
Former Wapato City Councilmember
Keith Workman
Wapato City Councilmember
Kevin Russell
Former Zillah City Councilmember
Chad Crossley
Former Zillah City Council Member

    Friends, Family & Community

Holly Simmons
Micah Macintosh
Feron Young
                    Karl Hendricks                     Bob Mc Laughlin
Brett Stauffer
Alan Compton
Wade Doman
Marc Evans
Elizabeth Evans
Steve Masengale
Rose Masengale
Doug Watts
Cathy Watts
Larry Doman
Jefferson Stancliffe
Bethany Stancliffe
                    James McIntosh                    Shane Nye
Jennifer Nye
Tracy Brookes
Thomas Clayton
Dr. Aaron Griggs
Emma Griggs
Guillermo Rodriguez
               Katherine Rodriguez            Jay Spurlock
Russ Redfield
Justin Bergerner
Joe Andreas
Evan Sander
Cheryl Crossley
Tod Chandler
Christina Chandler
Sue Pearson
Mike Pearson
Nathan Larsen
Ariel Larsen
Todd Simmons
Cheryl Simmons
John McKelheer
Judy McKelheer
Teri Sanchez
Joshua Simmons
Tracy DeOchoa
Ron Everts
Linda Everts
Amy Delp
Hector Garza
                       Char Clark                         

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